Risk - Doctor Who: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

Earth. Early 21st century. The planet has faced many invasions in the past, but never has mankind faced an assault like this, as multiple Dalek armies descend from the skies, seeking to destroy one an

Maze Racers

Plan! Build! Race! Use the enclosed magnetic walls and a good dose of creativity to build the most wicked maze that will leave your opponent scrambling to find his way out. Maze Racers is also a race

Bowling Dice

Let’s bowl! Roll the dice and count the pins, you might even get a strike! Have a great time bowling at home without the dreaded gutter balls. Frame-by-frame the fun keeps coming, just like at y


Gear up for fun! Try to outsmart your opponent by creating gears with the rotor pieces. When a gear is formed, a lug is added into play. The first player to add all of their lugs wins. The play is qui

Country Dog Gentlemen Puzzle: 1000 Pcs

Country Dog Gentlemen, 1972, by Roy De Forest (American, b. 1930) from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. One of the original Humorous Figuration artists of the early 1960s, Roy De Forest studied

Spider Whack

The itsy bitsy spider just went flying by! Grab a Spider Whack paddle and smack that spider back and forth with a friend or go it alone for wall-bouncing, slingshot action-tricky sticky! Paddle and bo

My Studio Girl Sew-Your-Own Cat Mini Pillow

Create a mini-pillow with a Flatsie pet. Includes pre-cut holes and materials for easy sewing and a kid-safe needle. These hand-made cushions are great for home or travel. Decorate your space!

My Studio Girl Make-Your-Own Travel Buddies - Bear

Kids sew their own tiny bear and teddy bear with this easy and fun sewing kit. They will learn the double running stitch and the blanket stitch, then apply that knowledge to sew the two sweet little b