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Don't Tip the Waiter

Be careful! Too many dishes will tip the waiter. Don’t Tip the Waiter is the nerve-racking food-stacking game that uses a little strategy, patience and a very steady hand. Players take turns sta

Brain Quest - 7th Grade

What numbers are factors of 8? Who was the first woman to become prime minister of Great Britian? Does light travel 250,000 miles per second? Your after-school pals will love this best-selling Q&

My Studio Girl 3D Magic Dough - Elephant with Birdie

My Studio Girl 3D Magic Dough air dry modeling kits with easy-to-follow instructions to form adorable sculptures! These adorable sculptures dry solid with no baking required. Get crafty with the Eleph

CrossCribb Game

CrossCribb is an exciting strategy game that will thrill cribbage players of all ages. As its name suggests, CrossCribb is an alluring alteration of the traditional game of cribbage. Using conventiona

Slinky Dog Jr. Plush

Slinky Dog Jr. Plush, a fan-favorite character from the Disney Pixar Toy Story franchise, is now more huggable as a smaller size plush toy! This plush pint-sized pup is soft, cuddly and extra cute, an

Hanayama Level 4 Cast Puzzle - Donuts

Hanayama of Japan, maker of the world’s finest cast puzzles, chooses from designs by master puzzle inventors for their challenging line of cast metal brainteaser puzzles. Hanayama are known for


Get lost in space! While we’re all spinning around in this fascinating galaxy, play to rule the universe! You could even own Mother Earth! And as you play, flip over the deeds and learn somethin

Rubik's Speed Cube Pro-Pack

The Rubik’s Speed Cube has an all new mechanism with faster movement, amazing corner cutting and zero pops. Basing it around a brand new spherical enclosed core design ensures that there is mini