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Monkey Match

No matching game can hold a child’s interest like Monkey Match! To play, just select one of five colorful two-sided match cards and place it in the tray. Then place the magic monkey in the cente

Dodge Dice

In this fast-moving dice game, there’s one simple goal – dodge penalty points. Roll the dice and try not to have them match the color of the penalty die. Use your skip chips to pass a turn

Them & Us Couples Party Game

A deliberately provocative game that pitches men against women. Each team takes turns to shout out responses to stereotypical topics. It could be Brands of Make-Up, Fast Cars, or Annoying Male Habits.

Primary Science ViewScope

Get kids discovering and exploring with a science tool designed for little hands. Features simple magnification and a clear case for viewing specimens. Great for familiarizing children with the feel o

Mah Jongg - Deluxe Tile Game Set

If you love Mah-Jongg, you’ll want to treat yourself to this superb set! If you’ve never played, you’ll want to know that Mah-Jongg, the Chinese game of Four Winds, has been played i

Pretend & Play Fishing Set

Reel in the big one! Little anglers can hook the catch of the day. Adjustable vest makes play even more realistic. Play a size matching game with worms and fish. Features 6 pages of write & wipe,

iTrax Critical Thinking Game

An eye-catching, eye-tracking, make-you-think game of tactical tracking and speed! Use strategy, critical thinking and a keen eye to find the path connecting 2 blocks. Then race to build what you see

Rainforest Rock Garden

Capture the mystique and beauty of the rainforest right on your desk or table with the tropical China Doll plant. This fast-growing plant features small, shiny, intricately patterned leaves that creat